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We know the most important part of any real estate business is finding great deals! At Sell or Dwell LLC we use creative marketing techniques to reach out to distressed or fed up homeowner & landlords looking to move on to the next phase of their lives, often acquiring properties at deeply discounted rates. Our properties range from those in need of paint & carpet, to full blown renovations. To sell them quickly, we offer them to real estate investors, landlords & handy homeowners at a price well below market value so they can be restored, resold or rented.

We make the wholesale analysis as easy as possible for our investors. We supply you with local comps to show you what you should be able to list the property for once your rehab is complete. We also include a detailed scope of work and a repair estimate. Local rental rates are included for those looking to buy and hold real estate for longer periods of time. In short, it’s our goal to give you everything you need to make a quick, informed decision about your next potential deal.




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