Tips To Maximize Curb Appeal


curb-appeal-pressure-wash1. Time For A Bath

A critical first step for curb appeal is making sure the exterior of your home is clean. Pressure wall the exterior, including sidewalks, driveway, siding gutters and roof eaves. Clean the windows inside and out. If you don’t own one (or know someone to borrow one from) you can rent a pressure washer from Home Depot for around $76 a day.

  curb-appeal-paint-my-house  2. Fresh Paint

If your exterior is painted, make sure there are no faded or worn looking spots by touching up with a few coats of exterior paint. Don’t forget to touch up trim as needed too! If it needs it, repainting the entire house in a neutral color will give the home an instant facelift.

curb appeal yard maintenance3. Yard Maintenance

Trim bushes, pull weeds from flower beds, mow & edge the lawn and rake leaves. Nothing is as inviting as a well manicured yard.



curb-appeal-add-mulch4. Add Hardscape to Flower Beds

Freshen up your flowers beds with a fresh layer of mulch or pinestraw.




curb-appeal-new-door-hardware5. Buy New or Repaint Door Hardware

Updating dated brass hardware with a nice brushed nickel or rubbed bronze will give your door a whole new look! Click here for a great How-To blog on spray painting door hardware (indoor or out).




curb-appeal-plant-flowers6. Plant Some Color

Plant colorful flowers in flower bed or in potted plants near the front door.  Barn Nursery has an awesome color wheel guide perfect for coordinating your plant containers. It even gives suggestions on what to plant!


curb-appeal-paint-stain-front-door7. Paint the Front Door & Shutters

An inexpensive way to change the look of your home is to paint the door and shutters (if you have them). Here’s a link to a fun app called Front Door Paint that lets you see what the door might look like in a different color. Nothing says welcome home like a red front door!

curb-appeal-new-mailbox8. Update Your Mailbox


Remember, first impressions are the key to curb appeal. A worn, leaning or broken mailbox says volumes about you & your home without saying a word.



curb-appeal-new-house-numbers9. Splurge On New House Numbers

For a small investment (think $26), you can add some fancy to your facade. New house numbers are a terrific way to enhance curb appeal without breaking the bank. You can find them at your local home improvement store or get something custom made by any number of shops on Etsy. A link to the image to the left can be found here.